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Bring us in to Transform your:

1. Content Strategy

  1. We will help you pinpoint your ideal customers
  2. Discover your customer’s pain points
  3. Align your customer’s pain points with the best suitable SEO keywords
  4. Adapt the best SEO tactics to help you rank
  5. Build clusters to make you an authority in your indusry
  6. Create detailed content outlines for your content team to guide them to your specifity.
  7. Create detailed content briefs that guide writers to specificity
  8. Track and measure SEO

The image below shows 122% organic growth in 6 months for a client we worked with –Avantis


2. SEO Content Creation

We will help you create content that targets the most relavant keywords and that contect with your audience.

 Below are published articles we have written.

  1. How to Get Quality Podcast Backlinks in 2023 wriiten for Captivate.fm

Key Achievements

Ranked for over 15 keywords and got several paragraph snippets and lists snippet.

Below shows images of the perfomance of the article.

1. Vitamin B for Dogs: Understanding the Importance and Best Food Sources

key Achievements

Ranked for 6 keywords and got Peaple Also Asked snippet and featured snippet.

Below shows images of the perfomance of the article

2. 5 Proven Methods to Boost Pet Food Shop Profit Margins

Ranked on first page for 5 keywords.

3. Has SEO Stopped being relevant in 2022

Ranked position three for a long-tail keyword “Has seo stopped beeing relevant”

3. Content Briefs

Have a team of writers? We’ll write succinct content briefs that’ll make your team work faster and easier.

Don't Take Our Word...

Here is what our clients say about our work.

I worked with Minnie and Silvia on an SEO project for my pet food eCommerce brand. They were both smart, talented, and very authoritative in SEO. My SEO content strategy was quick & incredibly well done. We were so impressed with the content briefs they handed over. They were literally the most thorough content briefs we’ve ever seen. We have started tracking SEO growth results from this project and are already seeing great results in organic growth and sales from the content they wrote. We intend to work with this duo again on the next keyword cluster! Highly recommended.
Alvaro Rodriguez
Manager at Cecoagro