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Here’s a fact that you need to hear and understand. 

Your SEO content strategy for 2022 shouldn’t only focus on keywords.

It’s important to have a well thought SEO strategy to help you stay on track when creating content for your business. 

An SEO strategy is crucial for your content marketing efforts.

Instead of creating content scattered all over the internet that search engines have a difficult time indexing, create content that is well organized and can easily be linked together.

Instead of randomly creating content, we will help you create content people are searching for.

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What exactly Is a Topic Cluster?

If you are still living in the stone age, we need you back in the present and walk you to the future.

Gone are the days when we could randomly write content, throw in some keywords and still rank on Google.

If you are in the process of creating a content strategy, you need to create a topic cluster strategy where you create clusters that are related to one pillar topic.

The pillar topic is usually a long-form blog that targets audiences at the top of the funnel stage. Example “How to become a graphic designer”

The pillar content will then link out to smaller and more niche pieces of content that will guide the readers through the funnel and convert them to buyers.

Why are topic clusters the most powerful SEO weapon?

Using a topic clusters strategy in your content marketing helps you show Google that your web pages and content are relevant to specific keywords and more authoritative than those of your competitors. 

 Today, Google no longer looks at keywords and the number they have been used in a piece of content to determine how well it ranks.

 Google looks at synonyms, subheadings and answers to common questions users search for when researching. 

Here is how a topic cluster content strategy helps you through your content marketing efforts

  • Allows prospects to move down the funnel until they make the purchasing decision
  • Helps you have an excellent internal linking structure that helps Google find your content easily.
  • Your web visitors get a great user experience
  • Enables you to compete for topic authority.
  • Allows you to get the most out of your keywords.
  • You become an authority in your niche.

Here is a breakdown of what your SEO topic cluster strategy will include

Your SEO topic cluster brief will depend on your budget. You can get 10,20,30, 50, or 60 well-researched topic clusters article briefs.

 We will make sure that the article in the cluster attracts your potential customer to buy your product or service.

 You will then receive a well-researched SEO brief for your team to implement.

 Here is a breakdown of what your SEO topic cluster strategy will include;

  • Word count range per article
  • Number of images to include
  • Primary keyword to target
  • All semantic entities to include (related words) and the number of times each should appear.
  • Relevant FAQs highlighting questions people also ask
  • Stats and figures to use to support your research
  • External links to use
  • The internal links to use
  • Meta descriptions and title tags
  • Headings and Subheadings to use in each section

Got Questions? Here are answers just for you

How long will I take to rank if I use the SEO cluster topics strategy?

We guarantee to provide a well-structured and thoroughly researched SEO topic cluster strategy that will help you rank other than writing random pieces of content. SEO is not a quick fix, and I cannot guarantee specific results. While great content plays a big role in SEO, it's not the only factor determining its ranking. For example, newer websites take longer to rank than old ones. On the other hand, slow and badly designed websites also negatively affect website ranking.

Do you write content as well?.

Yes, writing content is one of our superpowers. Click here to check out our rates.

How does payment work?

We accept a 50% deposit upfront and 50% after submission. All payments are direct transfer to our bank account or

How long does it take with the strategy?

The time taken to create a well-researched SEO topic cluster topic strategy depends on your clusters. For example, a 20-cluster topic strategy will take approximately two weeks.

How do we get started?

Please book a call here for a discovery call for us to understand your needs and see whether we are a good fit.

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